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The New Track Attack Store

September 12, 2015

Super excited to announce that we have just launched the Track Attack online store (available for orders in the US only). Ever since we launched, we had users and potential users wanting to try out Track Attack and immediately buy a phone mount, an external GPS and sometimes even some of our swag!

Because we were so focused on the app itself, we sometimes had some accessories to loan but never to sell, not always the best situation.  We’ve decided to stock and sell the most important accessories, not because we want it to be a significant part of our business (our focus is software) but because we want to make sure that our customers have what they need.

Right now we’re stocking external GPS accessory from QSTARZ, Ram Mount kits, Track Attack shirts and hats.  In the future we’ll stock external GPS accessories from Dual (for iOS devices) and maybe even GoPro and ReplayXD cameras.  For now, check it out – order the things you need and make the most of our track day!

You’ll see as you’re checking out that we offer a shipping option of local pickup at a race track.  We attend a variety of race and track events, primarily in the Pacific Northwest, so if you will be at one of those races and know that we will also, select that option and we’ll hand deliver your order straight to you.  Just be sure to email, tweet or FB message us ahead of time to confirm that shipping option will work.