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NEW FEATURE – Pin Tracks to Start on Windows Phone

April 21, 2015

We heard from our users that the faster they can initiate the recording of a session, the better. So we leveraged the Pin to Stat and Live Tile functionality of Windows Phone and created ‘Pin Tracks to Start’.

Literally, with this set up, you can start recording a session with one touch and in less than a few seconds. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Track Attack is excited to announce the availability of a new contingency program for all competitive racers, in any class, any sanctioning body and any region.

The goal of the program is simple – help racers offset the cost of racing competitively when you use Track Attack and most importantly, share your sessions!

This program will work for all types of competitive racing:

  • Road Racing
  • Oval racing
  • Rally
  • Rally cross
  • Auto cross
  • Drag racing
  • Drifting
  • Hill Climbs


The payouts are offered for podium finishes and pole positions.  Note, this is cash money!  Not credits that you can only use in any one location but straight up cash!

 Payout for Regional Competitions

1st Place: $25 USD

2nd Place: $15 USD

3rd Place: $5 USD

Qualifying Pole Position: $25 USD

Payout for National & Championship Competitions

1st Place: $100 USD

2nd Place: $75 USD

3rd Place: $50 USD

Qualifying Pole Position: $100 USD


  1. Must have purchased Track Attack PRO on Android, iOS or Windows Phone.
  2. Payout is through Paypal only and thus available only in countries where PayPal is available as a service.
  3. User must successfully fill out and submit the redemption form within 30 days of the motorsport event.
  4. All motorsports that Track Attack supports are eligible.
  5. Event must be a formal, sanctioned event by a recognized governing body (i.e. NASA, SCCA, FIA, ICSCC, etc…)
  6. All events with at least 5 competitors in a given class or 15 or more total competitors in a multi-class race.
  7. Only one claim eligible per race weekend with the exception of Pole Position.

 How to get started:

  1. Download Track Attack for your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone
  2. Create an account
  3. Race, use Track Attack and perform well
  4. Share your sessions online
  5. Submit a redemption form


That’s it!

See this video on how to submit a redemption form.

Tell us what you think by submitting comments or suggestions on our Facebook page or sending email to

Tell your friends and other racers! The more competitors we have, the better and we’ll look to improve the program.

Check out our other how-to videos so you know exactly how to use Track Attack when competing.

Thanks in advance for the support and good luck out there!


Track Attack – bring you pro level technology, to make you a better driver!

Today, January 16th, 2015 we released the 1.1.10 build of Track Attack for Android.  The scope of what’s included is very similar to the Windows Phone 2.2 update, where the focus is to make it much easier to find your tracks, create sessions and get to your favorite sessions.  Here’s what’s included:

New Features

1. Enhanced Track Database Functionality

There is a new Track Database Page on the first level navigation.  Here you can start exploring all of the tracks on the official track database and update the locally stored track database.  Each track has it’s own profile page, where you can see the start/finish coordinates, a map preview of the track, the ability to designate it as a favorite track, drive it immediately or pin to the start screen.  More on this below.  We are super excited about this functionality and looking forward to rolling out more features on this over the next few months.


Track Attack comes pre-installed with the full official track database but by synchronizing with the server, you get access to all user-created tracks as well.

Track Attack comes pre-installed with the full official track database but by synchronizing with the server, you get access to all user-created tracks as well.


See details for each track, mark it as a favorite or go drive it from this screen.


2. Enhanced Session History Functionality

You will also see that we’ve created the ability for you to designate sessions as ‘favorites’ which then can be brought up in a view specific to favorite sessions.


Notice the new heart at the bottom of the screen, here you can designate a session as favorite.

Notice the new heart at the bottom of the screen, here you can designate a session as favorite.

After the session has been designated as a favorite.

After the session has been designated as a favorite.

This is the history page but with the heart at the bottom selected, which shows just your favorite sessions.

This is the history page but with the heart at the bottom selected, which shows just your favorite sessions.


3. Get going fast with Track Attack Widgets

Create Tracks Widgets to your Home Screen: We know how stressful it can be on a track day or a race when you’re waiting for your session to come up and next thing you know, you need to be on pre-grid, strapped in and ready to go.  Even the few extra seconds it takes to have the GPS engine turn on, find the tracks around you and hit start can feel like an eternity.  With the the widget functionality in Android, you can create a track specific widget to get recording your session fast.

Note: We’ve made changes to memory management to enable this feature.  Moving forward, the core of Track Attack will install on the phone’s main memory and a separate folder will be installed in your SD card (if installed) to store session videos and data.  This will enable the widgets.  If you manually move all of Track Attack to be stored on the external SD card, Widgets will not be available.

Step 1: Go into the widgets menu in Android and find the Track Attack Track Tile

Step 1: Go into the widgets menu in Android and find the Track Attack Track Tile

Identify your favorite and regular tracks as favorites!

Step 2: Find your desired track and select it

The Tile will be created with the track name - simply select it and the app will go directly to the record session screen of that specific track

The Tile will be created with the track name – simply select it and the app will go directly to the record session screen of that specific track


Widgets for Favorite Sessions: Almost as stressful is when friends want to see some of your on track greatness and you need to get into the app, go to your sessions, find the fastest lap and then bring up that personal best lap time session.  Now you can also create session or the specific session to your home screen so you can instantly start watching!

Step 1: As in the picture above for creating a Track Tile, go into the Widgets options of Android and find the Track Attack Session tile.

Step 2: Place it somewhere in an available space and then the following steps and screens will come up:

Step 3: Select the Session you want to create a widget for - note, I have the favorites view enabled.

Step 3: Select the Session you want to create a widget for – note, I have the favorites view enabled.

Step 4: Select a specific lap (optional)

Step 4: Select a specific lap (optional)

Done!  The widget is created and when you select it, it will launch Track Attack and go directly to that session.

Done! The widget is created and when you select it, it will launch Track Attack and go directly to that session.


Folders on the Start Screen: Another really cool thing is the ability to use one of your available panes for all your tracks or favorite sessions.  .  For example below, I’ve a pane with all of my usual tracks, so with one click I can get going on the track.  I can imagine creating a folder with all of your personal best fastest laps or the races from each race weekend of the year.  Each phone platform has some really cool differentiators and this is one of the things that makes Android cool and similar to Windows Phone!

Use a pane to hold all of your regular race tracks!

Use a pane to hold all of your regular race tracks!

 4. Bug Fixes

We took care of all bugs that came through since the last update through our analytics.  As of now, there are no known bugs but that rarely stays the same for a while – stuff happens and crashes occur.  Let us know if you run into issues!



Earlier this week we released Track Attack Lite for iOS and it marks one of the last steps into a shift to what we think is a better model for our users: try before you buy.

Track Attack is focused on bringing functionality and experiences that can only be achieved with $1,000+ worth of hardware and software.  In doing so we have to overcome hurdles in pushing smartphones to use most of their sensors, network connections and a good chunk of their horsepower.  Sometimes a user’s device simply won’t run Track Attack well and we don’t want someone to pay money for something that can’t immediately use.

We also have to overcome believability hurdles with potential customers; can we actually pull these type of experiences off with just a smartphone and for such a low cost?

Try Before You Buy

This is why we are now going to universally have Track Attack and all future versions/SKU’s of Track Attack be free to download, try it out for three full functional sessions and then upgrade to the different levels of Track Attack.  Each platform has different regulations around what can be submitted as a Free app and with Apple’s case, we’ll have only one SKU initially, PRO – the full function version of Track Attack.  After a user uses up their 3 free trial sessions, they will still be able to record GPS based sessions and build their driver profile, without video.

Try before you buy!

Try before you buy!


Upgrading is super easy

To record video, upload video, store unlimited amounts of video sessions online and share instantly simply upgrade to Track Attack PRO.


Upgrade to PRO to continue recording video

Upgrade to PRO to continue recording video

I bought Track Attack before Lite was available, what do I do now?

In the next 2-3 months, we will retire Track Attack only paid version and have only Track Attack Lite (then it will be renamed simply, Track Attack).  Before we retire Track Attack Paid Only, we will release an update that will include a functionality to identify all of the owners of that SKU in our database.  We will ask all of those users to make sure they upload all of their videos they want to keep and delete Track Attack.

They will then download Track Attack Lite and sign in to their account on Track Attack.  The app will confirm you are a paid account user and immediately unlock full feature functionality.  Further, users will be able to go to Session History and synchronize their session history online with their device.  From then on, you’ll be back up and running with all of our session history.

We expect to roll out this transition by the end of August and retire Track Attack Paid Only by the end of September 2014.

What else is new?

While the main change is big, we wanted to include some new cool functionality.  Keeping on the theme of making it as easy as possible for a new user to try Track Attack out, we also changed our initial app launch process.  Now users can simply download Track Attack and start using it immediately.  No need to register an account first.


Use Track Attack instantly and register an account later!

Use Track Attack instantly and register an account later!

In fact, users don’t need to register ever unless they want to upload their session videos or create a user-created track.  The trade-off is that all of the session data (lap times, GPS data and video) will be on the phone only and if anything happens to the phone, all the data is lost.  Translation – you still want to create an account!

You still want to register an account though - don't lose awesome footage like this!

You still want to register an account though – don’t lose awesome footage like this!

As always, let us know what you think and spread the word about Track Attack!  We have some great things planned and they will be even more awesome with a large and vibrant community of users!

This past weekend our Android users got a new update, release 1.1.3.  Here is what was new in the build:

1. NEW FEATURE – Record using the front camera

If your phone has a front-facing camera, you can now use that camera to record video, instead of your normal camera at the back of the phone.  When you get to the record screen, simply touch the “Camera toggle” button on the right side of the UI to switch between the front and rear facing cameras.

Track Attack App Front Facing Camera Feature

Why is that useful?  Two main reasons:

    1. If you’ve received training, you know a driving principle and speed secret is to look where you want to go!  Recording a session where you focus on where you are looking (through turns and as ahead as possible) can be invaluable to your development as a driver.  You can see on the data overlay where you are on the track and watch your eyes and head movements to see if you are consistently focusing on where you are going to be, not where you are right then and there.
    2. If you are a racer (actual wheel to wheel racing), doing a race where you record the rear view can be valuable to understand how other drivers are trying to set you up and how you can react or set them up stop them from overtaking.  Use the front-facing recording option to work on your race craft!
Using the front facing camera to evaluate how well you look where you want to go.

Using the front facing camera to evaluate how well you look where you want to go.

2. Upload video bug fixes and improvements

We made several improvements to the upload functionality to make it more stable and faster.  This is for when you connect to Wi-Fi and upload your videos to our servers so they can be stored, processed and sliced up per lap (if they are lap based) and then easily shared online.  We also fixed a few bugs we had noticed from users.

3. Streaming Video Fix

If you’ve uploaded your video to the site, you know how great it is to get large video files off of your phone and able to stream them directly from our site instantly to view anytime.  We fixed bugs that had shown up in our analytics so the streaming of videos from the site should be much improved for those who ran into bugs.

4. No advertising for paying customers

A few customers who had upgraded to Pro and Lap Timer versions of the app indicated they were still seeing advertisements in the app.  Those have been confirmed gone and if you buy Track Attack, you’ll never see ads again!

5. Improvements to the GPS Engine

We’re always trying to improve the GPS engine of the app to give the most accurate timings and data possible from the phone.  We made a handful of improvements that will improve performance of specific devices and we found other areas we’ll improve in the future.

In 2014 we have some big things planned for Track Attack in our products but also in our partnerships.  This year we are partnering with up and coming Formula Drift driver Rob Primo, out of Seattle, WA.  Rob has been a paving the road for drifters out of the Pacific Northwest in the US to work their way into the professional ranks.

Rob Primo at Formula Drift Long Beach 2013

Rob Primo at Formula Drift Long Beach 2013

Our goal is to help Rob be the best driver he can be and improve throughout the year with the capabilities that Track Attack brings to drivers.  We’ll be with Rob throughout the year at the west coast Formula Drift events and all of his local events with NASA Northwest and Evergreen Drift.  We’re also excited to bring you all the in-car action from his practice and competition rounds using Track Attack.  As we get closer to Round 1 at Formula Drift Long Beach, we sat down with Rob to chat as he worked around the clock to get his car ready.

Track Attack: Thinking about driver development, what have you worked on during the off-season?

Rob: Since 2013 I have started to do a lot more visualization.  Thinking back to the tracks I ran on the FD circuit and being critical of my driving.  You have to be your biggest critic if you want to succeed.  I also watch as many videos of other drivers as I can get.  Watching drivers like Forsberg, Tuerck, Vaughn Gitten JR, Aasbo, Matt Field, Powers, and other get me super excited to get back out there.  FD has some amazing drivers!  I’m excited to share not just my highlight videos but also data and views of drifting at the Formula D level that are rarely seen so that other aspiring drivers can accelerate their development.

Track Attack: What’s new on the car for 2014?

Rob: We upgraded a few things.  Didn’t want to reinvent the wheel as the car was pretty fast and consistent last year.  But Turbo By Garrett has been amazing to our team and they provided us one of their new GTX4088R Turbos.  This should hopefully get us into the 800 whp range and keep us fast.  Pretty amazing we’re at this level with a non stroked 2JZ while still making tons of low end power.  Garrett Turbos are amazing!

Rob Primo Drift Garrett GTX40R

Also we looked to lighten the car.  Lexan windows all around.  A new fuel cell setup along with a tubed rear end.

Rob Primo Drift Lexan Windows

Initially after last season we looked to just keep the car the same but in consulting with Ray from Garage Autohero we felt lightening the car would only be a good thing as my car was already way over the weight class I needed to be in for my desired tire size thus the tube frame rear was decided.   Also putting all the weight in the very back of the car will provide some much needed traction.  The lexan will also save some weight up high on the car.

Rob Primo Fuel Cell

We also upgraded our program.  We have a full team.  Ray from Garage Autohero and Brian Kirk from Portland Speed Industries (PSI) will be joining us throughout the season to be great company and provide awesome help.  Joes Racing Products is on board we now have some key tools we didn’t have before.  Keeping us ready and the car running proper.  You all (Track Attack) have joined our program and I’m really looking forward to shooting all kinds of in car video with actual data!  Having more than awesome music videos (which are great BTW) will allow me to really critique my driving and improve.  It is starting to feel like a team this season!

Track Attack: What does the schedule look like in 2014?

Rob: Really excited about the year because we’re going to be on a race track all the time.  Those tires will have to run for cover!  I plan to run Formula D round 1 in long beach, Formula D round 5 in Seattle, Formula D round 6 in Texas, and Formula D round 7 at Irwindale.  In between those events I will be running some NASA Northwest events on NW road tracks.  I also may end up on Maryhill Loops a time or two like I did last year with Tuerck. But only time will tell.

So what does riding shotgun with Rob Primo in his Formula Drift tire shredding machine feel like?  Here’s some footage from our initial drift testing with Track Attack at Oregon Raceway Park last summer.

Rob Primo Drift ORP Cameron Moore Drift

We’re looking forward to get down to Long Beach for Formula Drift Round 1 and bringing the in-car experience back to everyone.  Remember that you can drift with Track Attack at anytime, get it now on Google Play, Apple App Store for iOS and Windows Phone Store.

Make sure to keep up with Rob throughout the season on the Track Attack Blog and through social media:




Track Attack for Windows Phone Beta 3 Released

January 31, 2014

We’ve made a lot of progress over the past couple months to get the Windows Phone version of Track Attack on par with the Android and iOS versions.  Last week we released and the update was approved by the Windows Store for the latest beta.  Here is what is included:

  1.  Support for all the new Session Types – Road Racing, Oval Racing, Auto-Cross, Rally-Cross, Rally Stage, Hill Climb, Drag Racing and Fun Run!
  2. Ability to create new race tracks with all the new track and session types.
  3. Improved lap detection and timing engine.

We expect the next release in the next two weeks and it may even be the final beta and first commercial release.

Go and get Track Attack for Windows Phone here:

There’s different phones with different storage sizes and not all sessions are created equally.  So with Track Attack for iOS and Android, you have the option to record in three different video qualities.  As of this post (December 23, 2013), video quality settings are supported on iOS (iPhone) and Android versions of Track Attack, for the phones which support

Track Attack App GPS Lap Timer Android iOS Video Quality Settings

480p: Lowest video quality and will take up the smallest amount of storage on your device.  Generally, we’ve seen a 25 minute session take about 120MB’s of space (~10-12 song equivalent).  Think of this as standard TV definition.   Will look fine on your phone, ok on a web browser but not that great if you blow it up.

Track Attack App on Android - GPS lap timer and recorder on 480p video quality

Example Video:

720p: Think of this as DVD video quality.  Looks a lot better than standard definition and still doesn’t use a ton of storage on your device.  Expect a 25 minute session to take ~600MB’s on your phone.

Track Attack App recording in 720p

Example 720p Video:

1080p: Boom!  High definition, well technically, for phones that support video quality above 720p, we make this the highest video quality available on the particular phone.  In most phones, this video will look amazing and have you wondering why you did or ever wanted to buy a GoPro camera.

Track Attack v2 on Android at Portland International Raceways

Example 1080p Video:


Get Track Attack at the App Store for iOS  (iPhone and iPad):

Get Track Attack at the Google Play Store for Android:

Get Track Attack BETA for Windows Phone:

Track Attack App – GPS Lap Timer, HD Video Recorder and Instant Sharing

After 6 months of testing, 700+ users and 3,000+ sessions across 67 countries, Track Attack for Android, the best GPS lap timer for motorsports is out of Beta and available for full purchase.  Thank you all for your support and feedback!

Track Attack App GPS Lap Timer Users WorldwideWhat’s Changed?

  1. It’s still easy to get started: We believe Track Attack is the best end to end app and service for motorsport enthusiasts.  Doesn’t matter if you do auto-cross, oval racing, rally stages, drag racing, road racing or even old-school Tokyo Extreme Racing on the highways, Track Attack has you covered!  Track Attack is free to download and you can record up to 3 sessions for each session type.  For these free sessions, the full functionality of Track Attack is available.  Lap timing, recording video, registering an account and even uploading to the Track Attack site for online video sharing.  There’s no reason to try it out!
  2. In-App Upgrades: Once you download Track Attack for free, you can upgrade to one of the two SKU’s:
    1. Track Attack Lap Timer – $4.99: For those who just care about getting accurate GPS lap times and building a driver record, this is it!  For $4.99USD, you are ready to go.  Note, at any time you can upgrade from Lap Timer to Pro by simply paying the difference.
    2. Track Attack Pro – $14.99: Everything!  GPS lap timer, video uploading and sharing.  Nearly unlimited storage on the Track Attack website and receive all full featured updates!
  3. Awesome new features: Based on all the feedback received, we’ve squashed bugs and added some really cool features to make Track Attack the best thing on your phone and easy to use.
    1. Session History Sync: When you sign in to your account, every session associated with your account synchronizes with your phone.  Go ahead, change phones, lose phones, sell phones!  As long as your session data and video are uploaded, you’ll never lose them!
    2. Cache Tracks: Just like on iOS – now you can use Track Attack anywhere, anytime with or without a data connection.  Simply go to Settings > Cache Tracks and hit the download button (circle with downward arrow) and you will have every Track on the Track Attack database available on your phone!
    3. Auto-Start: This was one of the most demanded features.  Now you can enable this feature in Settings and select a speed in which you want the app to start recording and detecting tracks for time calculations.  This works for lap-based sessions and point to point based sessions.  Simply select your race track and once the app detects you go over the set speed, recording will begin automatically.  Then hit ‘Stop’ whenever you pull off the race track!

What’s next?

Get the update, upgrade and tell your friends!  Get it here on Google Play for your Android device:

We’ll be working on fixing bugs and getting ready for the some cool features for the 2014 race season!

United Kingdom Race Circuits Added to Official Track Database

March 16, 2013

It’s March and that means the northern hemisphere is starting to thaw, cars are getting put back together and drier days are approaching.

With that over the next couple weeks we’ll be adding the remaining official tracks for the larger norther hemisphere countries.  Just added is the UK race circuits!  A cool theme we saw as we researched the race tracks across the UK is that UK makes the most of their land mass with many race tracks being dual use air fields or retired Royal Air Force (RAF) circuits.

We have a small growing base of users out there and we can’t wait to see some of the sessions from the historic circuits out there.



Silverstone Circuit – Grand Prix United Kingdom
Brands Hatch United Kingdom
Lotus Cars Test Track Hethel United Kingdom
Cadwell Park FULL Circuit United Kingdom
Cadwell Park CLUB Circuit United Kingdom
Cadwell Park Woodland Circuit United Kingdom
Topgear Test Track United Kingdom
Abedare Park United Kingdom
Aintree Motor Racing Circuit United Kingdom
Bedford Autodrome Gran Turismo United Kingdom
Castle Combe Circuit United Kingdom
Croft Circuit United Kingdom
Donington Park Grand Prix Circuit United Kingdom
Donington Park National Circuit United Kingdom
Elvington Circuit United Kingdom
Goodwood Circuit United Kingdom
Honiley RAF Circuit United Kingdom
Hullavington RAF Circuit United Kingdom
Keevil RAF Circuit United Kingdom
Knockhill Racing Circuit United Kingdom
Llandow Circuit United Kingdom
Lydden Hill Race Circuit United Kingdom
Mallory Park FULL Circuit United Kingdom
Mallory Park OVAL Circuit United Kingdom
Mallory Park Motorcycle Short Circuit United Kingdom
Mallory Park Superbike Circuit United Kingdom
Mira Dunlop Circuit United Kingdom
Oulton Park International Circuit United Kingdom
Oulton Park Island Circuit United Kingdom
Oulton Park Fosters Circuit United Kingdom
Pembrey Circuit United Kingdom
Rockingham Oval Circuit United Kingdom
Rockingham International Super Sports Car Long Circuit United Kingdom
Rockingham Super Sports Car Circuit United Kingdom
Rockingham National Circuit United Kingdom
Snetterton 300 Circuit United Kingdom
Snetterton 200 Circuit United Kingdom
Snetterton 100 Circuit United Kingdom
Thruxton Circuit United Kingdom
Tonfanau Racing Circuit United Kingdom

 But don’t I need to download the coordinates for these somehow?

No, not at all!  As soon as you hit “Start Session”, Track Attack will figure out exactly where you are and what tracks are in the database near you.   Once you select a track and hit ‘Start’, it will automatically detect when you cross the start/finish line for the first time and start your lap timing.

Check it out!

Track Attack App GPS Lap Timer

Check out how Track Attack works on a race track. Automatically detects the nearby race tracks and starts lap timing.