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Track Attack 1.1 Released!

March 5, 2013

On a very rainy December 15th, we finished testing and submitted Track Attack 1.1 to the App Store. This update has taken longer than we originally expected and wanted but it was the right thing to do as we had to address some foundational issues to the app that will help make everything better today and as we continue rolling out updates in the future. Here’s what is packed in 1.1:


New ‘Start Session’ Experience:

We created a new screen before you start a session which figures out where you are located and gives you options:

  1. Create TrackSelect an Official Track: The app figures out if there are any official tracks within a 1.5 square mile of your location and allows you to select one of them. We have just over 350 tracks in the database where we were able to source confirmed names and start/ finish GPS coordinates.
  2. Select a User-Submitted Track: Track Attack allows users to create new tracks as noted below and this section brings up those tracks which were created by users. Our suggestion is to use the official track option for where you’re running if it’s available.
  3. Auto Create: If there are no Official or User-Submitted tracks, Auto Create is an option. With Auto Create, you simple select it, hit start once the app location accuracy is ready and start driving. Track Attack figures out the start/finish location based on where you drive through twice for the first time. After you are done with your session, you’ll be asked to name the track and it gets added to the “User-Submitted Track” section so others can use the track you created.
  4. Create Track: If there are no Official or User-Submitted tracks, Create Track is another option. Straight forward, you select this option, walk up to the start finish line (as close to it as possible and if you can, even walk on to the race track in the middle of the track) and you set the start/finish location. Once the GPS coordinates are secured, you name the track and that track becomes available to other users via the “User-Submitted Track” section.


Session Video Upload and Online Streaming:

We made significant improvements to the session data and video uploading process so that it is incredibly easy to make sure all your session data is saved to your profile, uploading video is easy and streaming the video from the site is seamless.


The Track Database:

One of the most simple but frustrating part of using one of the many GPS based lap timers out there is having to find, download and make sure track maps are working. We wanted to make the track map experience seamless but also let our users determine which tracks are out there, beyond official tracks that we have. Track Attack is already being used for oval dirt racing, rally cross, motocross and just driving around the back roads; we want to make creating and using tracks as easy as possible.

To start off with, we’ve populated the track database 139 race tracks in the United States and will be adding over 240 international race tracks.

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March 5, 2013

We’re really excited to be officially live with our Track Attack app, site, and now with our very own blog. We want to start by sending a HUGE thank you to Track Attackers around the world for the support and feedback!

We’ll be using this blog to let you know about Track Attack app and site updates and to discuss future plans, ideas, and address any known bugs/issues. Our goal is to be the #1 Lap timer and video app for motorsports in the world, but we also want to grow and support the already strong community of professional and amateur racers. We can’t do that without you, so please don’t be afraid to contact us with any issues or suggestions.

How did we get here?

It all started when one car fanatic who grew up in a shop fixing, wrecking, modifying, and driving cars met a coding genius who was obsessed with technology. Frustrated that there wasn’t an easy solution that didn’t cost thousands of dollars and hours uploading and downloading video, they set out to build an integrated lap timer that didn’t require any dedicated hardware, could run as an app on phones people already have, and was integrated with the cloud for fast video replay and sharing. The result? Track Attack. And the app is just the beginning of this story…

Who are we?

The Track Attack team is small, but mighty! Have you heard the one about an Indian, Mexican, Frenchie, and a Japanese girl? That’s us! We’re a diverse group, but all equally passionate about making Track Attack an awesome experience and having fun while we do it.

It’s been a great year getting Track Attack off the ground and we look forward to sharing more with you. Be sure to add us on Facebook as well to hear about our latest events, contests, and more.