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You got your car ready, rented a helmet and downloaded Track Attack.  Now, you just need to figure out how to mount it securely.  So, which mount do you use?

In our year of developing and testing Track Attack, we used pretty much everything you can think so here are the options, pro’s, con’s and our bottom line recommendation.

Bottom Line: If you’re short on time and just want to know the best solution, it’s RAM Mounts.  The best place to get a Ram Mount for your phone is on

  1. RAM Mount for iPhone 4
  2. RAM Mount for iPhone 5
  3. RAM Mount for any phone

The total cost of your mount should be ~$45+ Tax & S/H.  These mounts are so good, they are the exclusive mount for AIM Solo lap timers and we’ve had to off-track incidents, one involving a wall and another involving a ditch and they didn’t budge an inch.

There are three parts to the mount:

  1. The Phone Holder: this is the part that actually holds or cradles the phone.  In the wizard, you will find out if they make a phone holder section specifically for your phone (they make one that is designed specifically for iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5) OR if you have to use their universal X-Grip holder.  The mount that is made specifically for your phone is the best choice but the X-Grip works just fine too.  Read below for specific reasons.
  2. The Arm: The part that connects the Phone Holder to the part that is secured to your car.  The best parts about the Ram Mount are the way it loosens up to adjust orientation, the option on arm length and the how well it absorbs vibration.  Again, very much on-par with Go Pro mounts.  We have gotten great, stable video with the mounts and if there is vibration, it’s mostly because of the quality of the track pavement.
  3. The Mount:  There are a number of options here where you can have it be a suction cup to the windshield, a base that is put on the dash via an adhesive, drilled to the dash or even a u-bolt solution that will tie to tubes up to 1.5″ in diameter (for your roll cage).  We have primarily used the suction cup mount and it is top notch, on-par with suction cup quality of Go Pro stuff that will stick on anything with a clean surface.

Ram Mount X Grip Example


So what are the other options?

Track Attack App Mount Comparisons

Track Attack Mount Comparisons

Now that you know what the options are, get one and take it to the track!


iClam for iPhone 5

iClam for iPhone 4

Optrix Waterproof Case for iPhone 5

Optrix Case for iPhone 4 and 4s