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Almost 6 months later, we have officially ended the beta period and launched the first commercial version of Track Attack for Windows Phone. Here is what is new with Track Attack GPS Lap Timer 1.0 for Windows Phone:

  1. Windows Phone 7 support: We have many WP7 users and we appreciate your support.  For WP7, we wanted to make sure you continued to have Track Attack but this will be the first and only release.  With WP7 phones no longer being sold and them being a minority of WP handsets in the marketplace, within the next year almost all Wp7 phones will be out of the market.
  2. Still Free to Test Run: Track Attack was free as a beta and we realize how important it is to try out an app like this before buying.  So Track Attack will remain free as an initial download, with users being able to record up to 3 sessions with full functionality.  At anytime a user can upgrade to Track Attack PRO – the full functionality you’ve come to use and love.
        • What about existing users?  When the update hits, your existing data will persist and you will be able to view/share/upload with no limits.  You will be able record 3 sessions as part of the free trial and then upgrade to continue using Track Attack.
    Record up to 3 sessions for free with full functionality.

    Record up to 3 sessions for free with full functionality.

      • How much does it cost?  The cost will vary in different markets but it will be ~$15USD.

    Swipe to the left of the Drive Screen to Upgrade

    Swipe to the left of the Drive Screen to Upgrade

  3. UI changes and clean up:  You’ll see the UI take a significant step forward in terms of cleaning it up, making it look like Track Attack on iOS/Android and in some cases, looking like a native Windows app.  Most notably, you’ll see a much improved Session Record and Session Playback Screens.  We’ll continue to fine tune the UI and expect to see regular updates.
New and cleaner session playback screen.

New and cleaner session playback screen.

Newly cleaned up Session Record Screen

Newly cleaned up Session Record Screen

Cleaned up Session Details Screen

Cleaned up Session Details Screen

  1. Bug Fixes and Performance Upgrades: As with all of our updates, we rolled out new features but we also cleaned up bugs that only happen in the real world.  Users should see Track Attack be stable and performing well with many of the bug and performance enhancements we implemented.

Go ahead upgrade and tell your friends to download Track Attack on Windows Phone, Android or iOS.



We’ve been busy!  Track Attack Beta 4 was released this past weekend and we’re close to the final build.  Here’s what’s new:

1. Download history bug fix

Some of our users who have been using the app for some time might be the ones who have changed phones or for some reason wanted to sync their session history from the site to their phones.  We had some intermittent bugs with that sync process in the last build and that has been resolved.

2. Adding Google Analytics

Yes, this doesn’t sound very exciting but its really important in our ability to maintain a healthy product and improving on the features people are actually using.  We’ve added Google Analytics to ensure we know how the app is being used and when we have bugs so we can react quickly.

3. New Home Screen Tile Icon

You likely saw the new icons on the store with the last build and we’ve received good feedback.  While we aim to have a consistent set of features and UI across the three platforms (Android, iOS and Windows Phone), we also want to take advantage of the unique features each platform offers.  Tiles and in the future, Live Tiles are a cool part of Windows Phone and we want Track Attack to seamlessly integrate into the platform.

4. Not New but Awesome – Predictive Lap Timer

Predictive lap timer is a feature we’ll be rolling out to Android and iOS versions but we started it all with Windows Phone.  The way it works is simple.  Within each lap-based session, as you drive, Track Attack keeps track of the fastest lap in that session.  As you complete another lap, it will start displaying to you, real time, how much faster or slower you are going compared to that fastest lap at that location (geographic location) on the track.  This way, if you feel like you are in a good lap, you can peak over at the app and if you see green, you are going faster.  If you see red, you are going slower.

Also, during playback in the app, it shows you those values on the screen as you watch your lap.  See the example below:

In this lap I am going .717 seconds slower at that specific location, compared to my fastest lap in that session

In this lap I am going .717 seconds slower at that specific location, compared to my fastest lap in that session

So check out the latest update to Track Attack GPS Lap Timer on Windows Phone and tell your friends!

This past weekend our Android users got a new update, release 1.1.3.  Here is what was new in the build:

1. NEW FEATURE – Record using the front camera

If your phone has a front-facing camera, you can now use that camera to record video, instead of your normal camera at the back of the phone.  When you get to the record screen, simply touch the “Camera toggle” button on the right side of the UI to switch between the front and rear facing cameras.

Track Attack App Front Facing Camera Feature

Why is that useful?  Two main reasons:

    1. If you’ve received training, you know a driving principle and speed secret is to look where you want to go!  Recording a session where you focus on where you are looking (through turns and as ahead as possible) can be invaluable to your development as a driver.  You can see on the data overlay where you are on the track and watch your eyes and head movements to see if you are consistently focusing on where you are going to be, not where you are right then and there.
    2. If you are a racer (actual wheel to wheel racing), doing a race where you record the rear view can be valuable to understand how other drivers are trying to set you up and how you can react or set them up stop them from overtaking.  Use the front-facing recording option to work on your race craft!
Using the front facing camera to evaluate how well you look where you want to go.

Using the front facing camera to evaluate how well you look where you want to go.

2. Upload video bug fixes and improvements

We made several improvements to the upload functionality to make it more stable and faster.  This is for when you connect to Wi-Fi and upload your videos to our servers so they can be stored, processed and sliced up per lap (if they are lap based) and then easily shared online.  We also fixed a few bugs we had noticed from users.

3. Streaming Video Fix

If you’ve uploaded your video to the site, you know how great it is to get large video files off of your phone and able to stream them directly from our site instantly to view anytime.  We fixed bugs that had shown up in our analytics so the streaming of videos from the site should be much improved for those who ran into bugs.

4. No advertising for paying customers

A few customers who had upgraded to Pro and Lap Timer versions of the app indicated they were still seeing advertisements in the app.  Those have been confirmed gone and if you buy Track Attack, you’ll never see ads again!

5. Improvements to the GPS Engine

We’re always trying to improve the GPS engine of the app to give the most accurate timings and data possible from the phone.  We made a handful of improvements that will improve performance of specific devices and we found other areas we’ll improve in the future.

Track Attack for Windows Phone Beta 3 Released

January 31, 2014

We’ve made a lot of progress over the past couple months to get the Windows Phone version of Track Attack on par with the Android and iOS versions.  Last week we released and the update was approved by the Windows Store for the latest beta.  Here is what is included:

  1.  Support for all the new Session Types – Road Racing, Oval Racing, Auto-Cross, Rally-Cross, Rally Stage, Hill Climb, Drag Racing and Fun Run!
  2. Ability to create new race tracks with all the new track and session types.
  3. Improved lap detection and timing engine.

We expect the next release in the next two weeks and it may even be the final beta and first commercial release.

Go and get Track Attack for Windows Phone here:

After 6 months of testing, 700+ users and 3,000+ sessions across 67 countries, Track Attack for Android, the best GPS lap timer for motorsports is out of Beta and available for full purchase.  Thank you all for your support and feedback!

Track Attack App GPS Lap Timer Users WorldwideWhat’s Changed?

  1. It’s still easy to get started: We believe Track Attack is the best end to end app and service for motorsport enthusiasts.  Doesn’t matter if you do auto-cross, oval racing, rally stages, drag racing, road racing or even old-school Tokyo Extreme Racing on the highways, Track Attack has you covered!  Track Attack is free to download and you can record up to 3 sessions for each session type.  For these free sessions, the full functionality of Track Attack is available.  Lap timing, recording video, registering an account and even uploading to the Track Attack site for online video sharing.  There’s no reason to try it out!
  2. In-App Upgrades: Once you download Track Attack for free, you can upgrade to one of the two SKU’s:
    1. Track Attack Lap Timer – $4.99: For those who just care about getting accurate GPS lap times and building a driver record, this is it!  For $4.99USD, you are ready to go.  Note, at any time you can upgrade from Lap Timer to Pro by simply paying the difference.
    2. Track Attack Pro – $14.99: Everything!  GPS lap timer, video uploading and sharing.  Nearly unlimited storage on the Track Attack website and receive all full featured updates!
  3. Awesome new features: Based on all the feedback received, we’ve squashed bugs and added some really cool features to make Track Attack the best thing on your phone and easy to use.
    1. Session History Sync: When you sign in to your account, every session associated with your account synchronizes with your phone.  Go ahead, change phones, lose phones, sell phones!  As long as your session data and video are uploaded, you’ll never lose them!
    2. Cache Tracks: Just like on iOS – now you can use Track Attack anywhere, anytime with or without a data connection.  Simply go to Settings > Cache Tracks and hit the download button (circle with downward arrow) and you will have every Track on the Track Attack database available on your phone!
    3. Auto-Start: This was one of the most demanded features.  Now you can enable this feature in Settings and select a speed in which you want the app to start recording and detecting tracks for time calculations.  This works for lap-based sessions and point to point based sessions.  Simply select your race track and once the app detects you go over the set speed, recording will begin automatically.  Then hit ‘Stop’ whenever you pull off the race track!

What’s next?

Get the update, upgrade and tell your friends!  Get it here on Google Play for your Android device:

We’ll be working on fixing bugs and getting ready for the some cool features for the 2014 race season!

Track Attack v2.0.4 on iPhone

December 4, 2013

Off-season.  What off-season?We’ve been hard at work squashing bugs and making the iOS version of Track Attack on par with the Android version.  Here are the coolest things about the latest update:

Track Database Download: You ever been to a race track that had no data connection or better yet, you didn’t want a pesky text message or notification to pop up in the middle of your session?  With Track Database Download you can shut off the world and have Track Attack work 100%!  Go to Settings > Download Track Database and a small file which contains all 600+ race tracks in the database will be available to you with no data connection.

Track Attack GPS Lap Timer App Download Track Database v2_0_4

Session History Sync: A lot of things can happen with our smartphones and inevitably, at some point they get wiped or we get a new one.  With Session History Sync, go ahead and lose, give away or just buy a bunch of different phones.  Log in with your Track Attack credentials and you’ll have your entire session history at your finger tips.  If you have uploaded session videos, those session videos will automatically stream directly to your phone with a data connection.

Track Attack App Session History Sync

Bug fixes:

  1. Improved reliability with ‘Auto-Delete’ functionality – when enabled, this option will automatically delete locally stored video files from your phone when they are uploaded and successfully processed/edited for streaming online.
  2. Improved quality of Session Replay – makes sure the video shows up correctly regardless of changing the phones orientation while playing video back.


 It’s been an awesome but too short of a summer for us at Track Attack and the final Beta of Track Attack for Android is now available.  We want to thank the 500+ users in 57 countries that created almost 1,500 sessions over the past 3 months.  Your usage, trials, errors and feedback have been great and helped us get to the final Beta, before the official production releases.

What’s New?

  1. Facebook Log In – now you can easily create an account or re-log in using your Facebook credentials.  You still have to create a driver tag but you can use your normal Facebook credentials to log in or not worry about it at all if you have the official Facebook app installed on your Android device.
  2. Facebook Posts – You can create posts after each session directly from the phone!  A post is created which is seen by your friends and when they click on the link, they are able to see the session details (race track you were on, # of laps, fastest lap and video if the video is already uploaded). Track Attack Facebook Posts
  3. Share the Session URL – Each session you create generates a unique URL that can take people to just that session to view the times and the video (if uploaded).  Now, using the Android social button, you can share that unique URL via any of the social platforms you use!
    • Screenshot_2013-09-24-14-33-29
    • Screenshot_2013-09-24-14-34-03
  4. Universal Log In – log in from any phone, anywhere in the world at any time and all your session history shows up on the phone!  This means you have close to unlimited storage on our site for sessions and video.  Lose your phone or get a new one?  No problem, just log in to Track Attack with your credentials and all your history automatically shows up and streams immediately (if video has been uploaded).  Wow!
    • Screenshot_2013-09-24-14-30-13
  5. Force Upload – this is for all you with sessions that are so awesome, you just can’t wait to get home to a Wi-Fi connection, you want to share the video NOW!  Simply go to the upload screen, press and hold the session you want to upload and select ‘Force Upload’.  The app will use your data connection to upload your video and get it processed to share immediately.  Upload speeds will vary based on your connection quality and data plan.  For all of you LTE, 4G and unlimited data plan users, this is for you!
    • Track Attack Force Upload
  6. Track Database Download – Going to a race track in another country or where there is no data connection?  Well now you can download the entire track database (a very small file) and Track Attack can work completely off-line.  This is also great for making sure you don’t get any pesky phone calls in the middle of a session to screw up your concentration.
    • Screenshot_2013-09-24-14-29-11


What happens after the Beta?

Track Attack 0.6 will be the last free beta and it will be available for download and work until November 22, 2013.  After November 22nd, the app will not work and you will be prompted to download and use the production release. 

What should you do?

Transitioning from the Beta to production is easy, just create a user account and upload all your video to the server.  That’s it!  Because of the Universal Log In feature above, you can delete the Beta version from your phone, download the commercial version, sign in and all your sessions are there in your History page. 

How much will Track Attack cost in the future?

At least one month prior, Track Attack the first commercial release will be available for download.  It will be free for a trial period and then you can use an in-app purchase to unlock two stages:

  1. Free Trial: Full functionality of Track Attack will be available to create 3 sessions of any of the session types.  Once three sessions are created, you will be prompted to purchase, through the app, one of the two versions below.
  2. Lap Timer Only for $4.99USD: This version will allow you to record sessions with data only (i.e. lap or session times) but no video recording.
  3. Lap Timer + Video for $14.99USD: This is the full version you know and love with ability to record video, up to full HD (if your phone supports it) and ability to upload nearly unlimited amounts of videos on the site to instantly share!  Do you have several race events a year and you want to share video of them all and not worry about storing that HD video on your phone, computer or paying premiums from a storage service?  This is for you!

We’ve been busy over the past couple months, finishing up features available via the Android beta version and getting as many of those as possible on the iPhone version.  We’re happy to report that v2 is now live!  Here are the top new features you can expect from v2:

New User Interface: We’ve moved from having a hierarchical system, where you start from one screen to a main menu navigation at the bottom of the app screen.  Here you can easily navigate between starting new sessions, reviewing your session history, upload status, profile information and settings.  We’ve also created landscape support for all the screens!

Key Screens v2

Session Types: While our roots are in road racing, where we have start/finish line and ideally do lap, after lap, after lap, we know there’s many other types of motorsports, where point to point is the name of the game.  So drag racers, rally drivers and auto-x’s, we got you covered!  We’re actively working to get as many drag race circuits and hill climb routes on the database as possible but the great thing is that each of you can create tracks on the fly and have everyone else use them immediately!

Lap Based Sessions: Road Course, Rally-Cross, Oval

  • This means the start line and finish line are at the same location.  Timing calculation is for each lap.

Point to Point Based Sessions: Rally Stage, Auto-X, Drag, Hill Climb and Drift

  • This means the start line location is different from the finish line location.  Timing calculation is from when the driver crosses the start line to when they cross the finish line.

Creating Point to Point Based Circuits: This applies to drag racing, rally stages, Auto-X, Hill Climb and Drifting.  Creating a track is pretty straight forward:

  1. Select the session type of racing you are running.
  2. Select the ‘Create Track’ button
  3. By default, the ‘Start’ pin is dropped at the center of your current location.  You can touch the pin and drag to where you want to establish the start line.  If you need to view the hybrid view of the map (aerial with streets), simply select the ‘layers’ button on the top right of the screen.
  4. Tap the ‘Add Finish Line’ button to drop the finish line.  Note, the finish line pin will be dropped in the current location of where you are, so if you deviated a bit from that location, it will move you back.
  5. After you’ve established the start and finish line, hit ‘NEXT’
  6. Provide the name of the circuit, track or stage and hit Finish.
  7. That’s it!  If you have a data connection, that track is saved on the database and is available to all users immediately.
Using Track Attack to create a point to point based track

An example on how to create an Auto-X course at my local Costco parking lot

We’re excited to have everyone try out V2, which incorporates a lot of what we’ve developed on the Android version and providing feedback so we can make it better.

Let us know what you think!

The Track Attack Team



This past weekend we got to solid public beta stage of Track Attack where we are showing off our new features and functionality.

What is a beta?

Beta is a common term used in the software world that essentially means we are close to finishing up the final product but would benefit greatly from getting the app in the real world.  We need your help to put Track Attack through its paces, use it, break it and tell us how it can be better.  We intend to have it in Beta for 1-2 months with at least 2 updates.  During that time, Track Attack will be 100% free and even when we go from Beta to the full production version, users will be able to keep all the data they gathered and transitioned to a free version of the official release app.

What is new?

  1. Landscape Support on Every Screen – Simple as that!  No more twisting your head if you have the phone already mounted on your windshield and starting a session!
  2. No registration required to use Track Attack – We changed some things and now users can simply download Track Attack and be able to hit the track.  No registration required unless you want to upload video to the site or create new tracks.
  3. Support for all types of motorsports – while we at Track Attack primarily do road racing on lap-based circuits, we know and appreciate all types of motorsports.  Whether it be oval tracks, auto-cross, rally-cross, drag racing or even weekend canyon carving, there’s fun stuff on wheels happening and we want Track Attack to help you record it, share it and help you get faster.  In the new Drive Screen, users are able to select the type of motorsport they are doing, select a track and go.
    • Track Attack Drive Screen which gives users option for creating sessions of different motorsports types

      Track Attack Drive Screen which gives users option for creating sessions of different motorsports types

  4. Fun Run: This is for all you canyon carvers and Wang an racers.  Sometimes you are on an awesome road and you want to record and share with friends.  Just hit ‘Fun Run’, then ‘Start’ and drive!  Video and data is recorded just like being on a track but without any timing calculations.
  5. Track Selection: We made a number of small adjustments to the UI and functionality of selecting a race track to make it more intuitive.
    • Track Attack v2 Track Selection New Features
  6. Creating Point to Point Tracks: If we’re supporting point to point based motorsports, that means we need to have point to point based tracks, most, created by our users.  Creating a track for Drag Racing, Auto-cross, Rally Stage or a Hill Climb is easy:
    1. From the Drive screen, select the type of point to point based session you are going to create.
    2. Once the map zooms to your location, you can pan and zoom anywhere in the world and insert a start location beacon and a finish location beacon.
    3. Give the circuit a name
    4. All done!  Now that track is available to all other users.




It’s a Beta, so what’s missing?

We’re caught!  :)  Yes, the big changes are the above and we wanted to get this in front of users asap so we had some compromises.  Here’s what is currently not working in the Beta but will be soon:

  1. Creating Facebook Posts or Creating an Account through Facebook log in – this is easy work so a lower priority compared to the new cool stuff.
  2. Video upload – this is critical, difficult to do and on it’s way!  One of the updates to the Beta will have this feature and will be a critical part of our user testing before we even think about charging customers money for the app.

What’s next?

We’re coding around the clock to update the app and fix bugs as they come up.  Thank you to the users who downloaded the app this past weekend and we can’t wait to get it out of Beta and in cars around the world!

Track Attack v2 on Android at Portland International Raceways





Track Attack 1.1.2 Released!

May 17, 2013

We’ve had a busy last couple weeks doing final testing and going through the approval process for Track Attack 1.1.2 on iOS.  As of this afternoon, it is approved and ready for download.  Here are the main changes with the build:

  1. Registration Bug: In some cases, new users would register via the app but not all profile information would make it to our servers.  The issue that would come up is that the app would through an error when looking at the Driver Profile and Race Car Profile page.  This issue is now fully resolved.
  2. Video Upload: Uploading large files over the internet is always tough no matter what the purpose or file type and we had our fair share of challenges.  The bug was primarily found when users would record 30 minute+ sessions in HD which would result in video files 2.5GB+.  The upload would sometimes get stuck at certain %, primarily because a packet would get lost in the process.  Well, we revamped the entire upload management process and made it bullet proof.  Two months and 100+ hours of testing later, we have an almost bullet proof upload manager.  We also updated upload performance management where the app will dynamically adapt and make the most of all available bandwidth to get your video uploaded ASAP.  In many cases we saw 3GB files uploaded in 1.5 hours using standard Comcast Cable Internet!
  3. General App Performance Improvements: Since we spent two weeks on testing after race weekends, we also took time and made several improvements to the code base to make the app generally faster and more bullet proof.  Most users should see responsiveness improvements across most screens.

As always, let us know what you think and we look forward to sharing updates on our V2 of Track Attack which is well underway!  So what are you waiting for?  Get on a track this weekend, drive smart, upload and share!