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Getting ready for a track day/weekend: Recording a lap-based session

August 25, 2015

It’s Thursday and you’re looking forward to an awesome day or full weekend of on-track gloriousness! Whether you are doing a track day or a full wheel to wheel race, there’s a bunch of stuff on the list to prep.

One thing that you are probably thinking about but that is easy as 1, 2, 3 is how to record a session on Track Attack.  This article is intended to help get you and your phone ready to record a lap-based session (road racing, oval racing, rally-x or whatever other shenanigans you’re driving).

Before getting to the track:

  1. Make sure Track Attack is downloaded on your phone.  Track Attack is free to download and try 3 times before buying.
  2. Make sure you’re registered with a user name.
  3. Go to settings and pick your preferences:
    • Set the video quality you want for your sessions, if you’re recording video.  Check the amount of available storage you have on your phone and estimate how much space you’ll need based on the # of sessions you are going to run.
    • Decide if you want to use ‘Auto-Start’ feature.  This is super helpful in that it will initiate video and data recording automatically, once you hit the designated speed.  Note – you’ll still have to hit ‘Stop’ at the end of your session.
    • Download/update the Track Database!  Many tracks have shotty data connections because they are more remote, so when you download the Track Database, you will have everything you need to be able to record sessions without a data connection.
  4. For Windows and Android phones, you can ‘pin to start’ or create ‘widgets’ for the track you are going to drive so that you can initiate a session recording with one click from your home page!
  5. Double check connections to your accessories.  Some of  you are using external GPS devices for data sampling at 5 or 10hz and GoPro cameras (Windows Phone only right now).  Double check they have been paired and are showing the right status’ on the recording screens.

That’s it!  To be honest, we personally do #4 for all the tracks we typically race and #5 each morning.  Sometimes, the external GPS lose the pairing relationship with the phone (not the app) and need to be re-paired.  This appears to happen maybe once a month or so.

Before heading out to pre-grid:

You’re at the track and ready to head out to your session.  Here’s what you should do to get your session started:

  1. GPS check – we rely on GPS signals to accurately tell you what tracks are nearby and record data.  To jump start the accuracy of your GPS, launch your default mapping app and hit the button to center on your current location.
  2. Launch Track Attack.
  3. Select your session type (Road Course in this example).
  4. Select your race track.
  5. Hit Start AFTER the GPS accuracy turns green OR have your ‘Auto-Start’ feature turned on.
  6. As soon as you hit the designated speed (if Auto-start is on) and cross the start/finish line, lap timing will reset.
  7. Each time you pass the start/finish line, your lap time will flash for 5 seconds.
  8. Hit stop when you get off track or pass through the checkered flag.

That’s it!  TA will take you to the session summary page for that session.  If you recorded video, you can immediately playback any of the laps you drove.



Last week we pushed to production a big update for Android and though we published the update on Facebook and Twitter, we wanted to go into more detail here on what’s included.

1. New leaderboard view in the track profiles

This something we’ve been excited about, not just for the apps but for Track Attack overall.  Now, for each track profile, you will see the running leaderboard for each race track!  Now, you can know what a fast lap time for each track is and for now, you can also click into the session details to see more about that session but not the video itself or access the data, to respect privacy of the driver.

In the future, we will build out this functionality more across the other apps and the website.  You will be able to purposefully designate a session as public or private and be able to request access to the data for a given session.  This is how we’re going to use the power of data and the community of users to help each of us be better drivers!


Leaderboard for each race track!


2. New session recording screens

We’ve received feedback from users over time that they would like to see while driving on track.  By default we’ve had the running lap timer, flashing the new lap time as each lap is completed but some users have wanted the last lap time displayed until a new lap time is recorded, while others have wanted to see speed averages.  We’ll we take cared of it!

Default – running lap timer: We’ll continue to have running lap timer as the default data that is viewed for each session.

Static lap time: Now you have an option to see the last completed lap time, stay displayed until you complete an new lap.

Speed averages: Some of our longer rally stage users have asked us for a view of their session where the average speed is displayed and updated real time as they drive.  This new screen will show the average speed for the current lap, which is updated 1x per second and the value resets after each lap is completed and below that, the entire session average speed.

3 options for session record screen while you drive!

3 options for session record screen while you drive!

3. Manual video and data sync

Software is weird and as hard as we might try, sometimes the data and video layers are out of sync by a second or so.  On some tracks and some days it is perfectly fine and on other days/tracks, they are out of sync.  Well, now we let you manually fix these situations.  In each session, you’ll find a Video Sync button where you can move forward or backward the video position relative to the data layer.

Our recommendation is that you start with the first lap, find the best alignment and then the app will automatically adjust all remaining laps.

Manually sync any sessions where the video and data layers are out of sync.

Manually sync any sessions where the video and data layers are out of sync.

4. Bug fixes!

It’s on an ongoing battle.  We cleaned up a bunch of code and fixed all reported bugs and crashes over the past 3 months.



We just hit ‘release’ on an update we’ve been working for the past couple of months.  It’s packed with a few awesome new features and a long list of performance enhancements and bug fixes.

New Features:
1. Export your data to .csv format!  Now you can export so you can analyze your data and create other videos – do whatever your hear pleases!  For each session (even those recorded prior to this release), simply go to your session summary and you’ll see a .CSV icon or an Export to .CSV option in the menus (depending on your screen size).  Press that button and then the file is generated and placed in your phone’s default ‘Documents’ folder,  in a special Track Attack folder.

This will work whether you recorded with your phones internal GPS radio (samples at 1x per second) or an external accessory (QSTARZ sampling at 5x and 10x per second), however we believe you’ll see the best data and have the most use with sampling at 5 and 10hz.


Look for the Export to CSV in the menu button if you don’t see the button automatically


See the CSV button at the bottom right, hit that!

2. Updated Session History: Now it’s easier to get to your favorite laps and sessions.  You’ll see new ‘heart’ icons in each session summary page where you can designate these sessions and laps.  Then you can view the session history through these lenses and even your top 5 fastest laps per race track.  It’s never been easier to view your awesomeness!


All Races – what you’re used to seeing from Session History


Your fastest 5 laps by race track!


Just your favorite sessions!

3. Delete sessions: Finally you can delete sessions from your phone and the server!  Simply go to your session history page and long press a session.  This will bring up a menu that will enable you to select more sessions and ultimately delete them.  Be care though because this permanently deletes these sessions and associated video from your phone and our servers.  With great power comes great responsibility!

Long press to bring up the delete options.

Long press to bring up the delete options.

4. Update to Facebook API 2.0 – lastly, we’ve updated the app to the latest Facebook api.  This was delayed a few days so some of you might have experienced crashes when trying to do anything related to Facebook but it is now fixed.  Creating an account and FB posts is 100% working.

Last but not least, we continued our battle against bugs by crushing as many bugs that came through the analytics as possible.

Let us know what you think about the release on our Facebook page, twitter, email and tell your friends about Track Attack!!

Today, January 16th, 2015 we released the 1.1.10 build of Track Attack for Android.  The scope of what’s included is very similar to the Windows Phone 2.2 update, where the focus is to make it much easier to find your tracks, create sessions and get to your favorite sessions.  Here’s what’s included:

New Features

1. Enhanced Track Database Functionality

There is a new Track Database Page on the first level navigation.  Here you can start exploring all of the tracks on the official track database and update the locally stored track database.  Each track has it’s own profile page, where you can see the start/finish coordinates, a map preview of the track, the ability to designate it as a favorite track, drive it immediately or pin to the start screen.  More on this below.  We are super excited about this functionality and looking forward to rolling out more features on this over the next few months.


Track Attack comes pre-installed with the full official track database but by synchronizing with the server, you get access to all user-created tracks as well.

Track Attack comes pre-installed with the full official track database but by synchronizing with the server, you get access to all user-created tracks as well.


See details for each track, mark it as a favorite or go drive it from this screen.


2. Enhanced Session History Functionality

You will also see that we’ve created the ability for you to designate sessions as ‘favorites’ which then can be brought up in a view specific to favorite sessions.


Notice the new heart at the bottom of the screen, here you can designate a session as favorite.

Notice the new heart at the bottom of the screen, here you can designate a session as favorite.

After the session has been designated as a favorite.

After the session has been designated as a favorite.

This is the history page but with the heart at the bottom selected, which shows just your favorite sessions.

This is the history page but with the heart at the bottom selected, which shows just your favorite sessions.


3. Get going fast with Track Attack Widgets

Create Tracks Widgets to your Home Screen: We know how stressful it can be on a track day or a race when you’re waiting for your session to come up and next thing you know, you need to be on pre-grid, strapped in and ready to go.  Even the few extra seconds it takes to have the GPS engine turn on, find the tracks around you and hit start can feel like an eternity.  With the the widget functionality in Android, you can create a track specific widget to get recording your session fast.

Note: We’ve made changes to memory management to enable this feature.  Moving forward, the core of Track Attack will install on the phone’s main memory and a separate folder will be installed in your SD card (if installed) to store session videos and data.  This will enable the widgets.  If you manually move all of Track Attack to be stored on the external SD card, Widgets will not be available.

Step 1: Go into the widgets menu in Android and find the Track Attack Track Tile

Step 1: Go into the widgets menu in Android and find the Track Attack Track Tile

Identify your favorite and regular tracks as favorites!

Step 2: Find your desired track and select it

The Tile will be created with the track name - simply select it and the app will go directly to the record session screen of that specific track

The Tile will be created with the track name – simply select it and the app will go directly to the record session screen of that specific track


Widgets for Favorite Sessions: Almost as stressful is when friends want to see some of your on track greatness and you need to get into the app, go to your sessions, find the fastest lap and then bring up that personal best lap time session.  Now you can also create session or the specific session to your home screen so you can instantly start watching!

Step 1: As in the picture above for creating a Track Tile, go into the Widgets options of Android and find the Track Attack Session tile.

Step 2: Place it somewhere in an available space and then the following steps and screens will come up:

Step 3: Select the Session you want to create a widget for - note, I have the favorites view enabled.

Step 3: Select the Session you want to create a widget for – note, I have the favorites view enabled.

Step 4: Select a specific lap (optional)

Step 4: Select a specific lap (optional)

Done!  The widget is created and when you select it, it will launch Track Attack and go directly to that session.

Done! The widget is created and when you select it, it will launch Track Attack and go directly to that session.


Folders on the Start Screen: Another really cool thing is the ability to use one of your available panes for all your tracks or favorite sessions.  .  For example below, I’ve a pane with all of my usual tracks, so with one click I can get going on the track.  I can imagine creating a folder with all of your personal best fastest laps or the races from each race weekend of the year.  Each phone platform has some really cool differentiators and this is one of the things that makes Android cool and similar to Windows Phone!

Use a pane to hold all of your regular race tracks!

Use a pane to hold all of your regular race tracks!

 4. Bug Fixes

We took care of all bugs that came through since the last update through our analytics.  As of now, there are no known bugs but that rarely stays the same for a while – stuff happens and crashes occur.  Let us know if you run into issues!



2014 Technology Year in Review

December 29, 2014

With only a couple days in the year, wanted to take some time and reflect on a challenging but overall really good 2014 for Track Attack.

When we started out the year, we had finally launched Track Attack for Android officially out of the beta stage and were in the midst of moving Track Attack for Windows Phone out of Beta as well.  By May, we had Track Attack commercially available across all three platforms (Windows, iOS and Android) with in large part the same features on each version.


Throughout the year we rolled out updates, just about once every other month for each platform.  Most of the time our goal was to introduce one or two new features and fix bugs that cropped out.  While we had a ton of bugs (and there are still some that exist, known and unknown) these are some of the features we are the most proud of:


We all know how nerve racking it can be when you’re at the hot pits, gridding up or pulling up to the start line for your race or session.  The last thing you want to worry about is ‘hitting start’ before you get going, especially if you have gloves on or have positioned the phone behind you for a more complete video angle.  With auto-start, you simply go into the Settings screen, enable Auto-Start, set the speed that you want video and timing to begin at and start your session.  That’s it!  The app will automatically start recording and timing as soon as you cross the speed threshold you set for more than one second.  Here’s a quick video where we demonstrated how it works.


External GPS Compatibility

Related to the video above, making Track Attack compatible with external GPS systems that will sample at 5 and 10Hz was also huge.  Smartphones, with their internal GPS systems sample at about 1Hz (or one reading per second) which for simple calculate of lap times, works perfectly fine.  But for those who want to really dig into their data and figure out how to shave tenths of seconds or less, sampling at 5Hz is a minimum.  Throughout the year, we took on this challenge and have made Track Attack on Windows Phone and Android compatible with the main external GPS system accessory, QSTARZ line of Bluetooth products.  These products are well priced and have worked really well.  For iOS, we are working on the compatibility but are constrained due to the iOS certification process but expect to have this out by the end of January.  Below is a session recorded on an Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Qstarz 818XT, sampling at 5Hz.

Using a Qstarz 818XT

Right Click the Image and Open in New Tab/Window


Video Export

We know sharing is one of the top reasons people want an app like Track Attack and we spent a lot of time and efforts in enabling that through but thanks to your feedback, we realized that we needed to give our users options. This meant enabling you all to select a lap or full session and export the video with the data overlay at once so you can share wherever you want and create new videos. We heard you loud and clear and made efforts to make it happen. Unfortunately, this feature sounds a lot easier than it really is. In 2014 we made this happen for iOS, got 90% there with Android but hit some real roadblocks and have started exploring how to make it happen on Windows Phone. In 2015, we’ll get Android done and make it happen on Windows Phone, if it’s possible. Check out how it works on iOS below:

Thank You!

There’s a lot more that we did in 2014 but these are some of the highlights and we couldn’t have done it without your feedback and usage. We also couldn’t have done it without the great team of developers we’ve been able to assemble over the past year from all over the world. These guys are passionate and work tirelessly, usually in the evenings after their day jobs are done to make progress. Thank you to them in Canada, Italy and Ukraine!

Over the next week we’ll publish our plans for 2015 and hope you all will not just like them but give us feedback on how to make using Track Attack the must have app for when you hit the track, whether it be an oval, a drag strip, a road course, the cones or a dirt trail!

Today our latest update to the Android version of Track Attack was released and should be hitting your phones over the next 24-48 hours.  Here’s what is included:

1. 100% offline mode

Over the past couple of months, we received feedback from users that sometimes they were at a race track and the tracks in the database would not show up in the results and thus, they couldn’t record their session.  That is a frustrating experience, especially considering how precious those few opportunities to get on track really are to each of us. There are two root causes to the issue:

Weak or no data connection

Many race tracks are in remote locations or in different countries so when Track Attack queries the server, sometimes no track results can be returned.

Cold starting the GPS system

All GPS systems, even the $1k+ motorsports solutions take at least a few seconds to get warmed up after they are initialized and find your location.  With Track Attack, we want the app to immediately tell you which tracks are nearby and sometimes are our query process goes too fast and the GPS systems haven’t had time to get going and lock in on enough satellites.

So we are doing a few things to help solve the issue:

Track Database ships with the app

Starting with this version of Track Attack, we are shipping Track Attack with the full track database of official tracks included in the application.  This means you can download the app, lose data connection immediately and use Track Attack without any issues.  Further, the button found in settings will now function as an update to the track database locally stored and bring along the user-created tracks.  You will notice that the first time you launch the app after the update, it will take a few seconds to set up the track database.

Track Attack Track Database

The track database now ships with the app & the Cache Tracks button now updates the DB and downloads the user-created tracks.

Improved Track Selection screen

We’ve also made some serious improvements to the Track Selection screen.  Now you can:

  1. View the most recent tracks you’ve driven
  2. View the Official and User-Created Tracks near your location
  3. VERY COOL – Search Tracks!  Now you can search the whole track database right from your phone to see what is available.  This is something people have asked for and we’ll continue to make improvements to the track database view.



With these new features and improvements, using Track Attack with no data connection and avoid GPS issues will be super easy!

NOTE: Putting the phone in Airplane mode disables GPS completely.

2. Support for External Memory Cards

Most Android smartphones have and support external memory cards but to date, Track Attack has only used the internal main memory.  With 1.1.7, Track Attack will now make use of an external SD card if it is detected.  In short, a portion Track Attack will always be in the main memory.  But now, it ill detect if there is an external SD card loaded and if there is a large portion of available memory, it will store session files there.  Now you can record HD videos all day and use up as much memory as your SD card can handle!

3. Improvements to Auto-Start

This is one of our most mentioned features but we had some inconsistent performance with auto-start starting prematurely.  We’ve made significant improvements and will continue working on it.  Auto-start is super important as we know, it is annoying to have to hit start right before heading on the track, so with Auto-Start, you simply set at which speed you want Track Attack to start lap detection/session timing and recording video and it will go from there.

Once you select the track you are driving, no more buttons to press.  Just hit the designated speed and it will start automatically.  Note, you still have to hit stop at the end of the session.

Set your auto-start threshold in Settings

Set your auto-start threshold in Settings

Reach the threshold speed to start recording and lap timing

Reach the threshold speed to start recording and lap timing

Check out all of these features and improvements being used in real time from our past weekend of racing:

4. Bug Fixes

There were a number of areas that we fixed based on feedback and crash logs.  You likely won’t see most of these but they will help the app run faster and smoother.

So go ahead and make sure you have the latest Track Attack build and tell you friends to get it on Google Play!


April in the Pacific Northwest means that racing and track day season is about to get into full swing.  This year, the Track Attack team moved platforms from the 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 competing primarily in the NASA (National Auto Sport Association) Time Trials 3 class (TT3) to more of a spec class.  Why we made the change?  We’ll cover that in a future post.  :)

The new racecar – BMW PRO3 Spec

For  2014, we decided to focus on driver development and becoming the fastest driver possible, not necessarily developing the fastest race car possible.  In the Northwest, that means getting into the PRO3 racing series.  The PRO3 racing series is for the most part a spec class with clear rules on modifications allowed to create race car parity and make the driver and setup be the difference maker.  As in all motorsports, the car still makes a difference but with 75+ built PRO3 race cars in the area and fields of 25+ on most weekends, there are a lot of reference points to help figure out how to get faster and opportunity to work on your race craft because there is always someone to race in the back of the pack, mid-pack or up front.

Race 1 – Rose City Opener at Portland International Raceways – No Chicane Configuration

This was the first race weekend of the season for PRO 3, the first of a 14 race season over 11 weekends.  While we were there for the weekend, we took part in the last novice race as to compete in the main races, one must complete the full Novice program which entails 3 successfully completed novice races, volunteering, driver interviews and passing a driver exam.  A pretty stringent program to make sure there are only competent and safe drivers competing.

PRO3 Race Cars at PIR Rose City Opener 2014

PRO3 Race Cars Lining Up for Weigh Ins

Friday Test & Tune

On the Friday of race weekend, the local Portland driving club put on a HPDE event and racer Test & Tune which allowed us to really shake down the car for the first time after having a number of adjustments made to the car by Southlake European, just outside of Seattle.  Many of the race weekend PRO3 cars were in attendance so it was a good opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the No Chicane configuration and see what some of the fast, very fast, veterans were doing.  Each session was great with one exception, where a rain shower 20 minutes prior to the session left the track damp and we decided to swap to wets just in case it rained more during the session.  Well, the rain never came and being stuck on wets felt like the car was parked on the track as car after car passed.  Overall, it was a good day and lap times improved 2 full seconds over the day, with a fast lap of 1:27.996.

Click Here – Session of 1:27.996 fast lap

PIR Friday Practice Fast Lap

Saturday Practice, Qualifying and Race

All day the forecast had called for showers and we watched as heavy rain showers fell around, but not on the race track.  After a solid practice morning session, we got some good advice on tire pressure targets and went for it during qualifying.  Despite being the second fastest most of the day, a Toyota Celica in another class must have caught a draft as they hit a miracle lap and out-qualified us by .031 seconds.  We qualified third at 1:27.892.

Having the race be a novice race, with the emphasis on learning and being safe, they stewards gridded us in reverse qualifying order so we started P12 out of 14.  Right as the race started, going in to t take it.

The pole position winner, however took it and that was the difference maker in the race.  I followed him through but got stuck behind traffic for half a lap as he blasted past them.  I made some ground on him but around lap 12 or so, it started raining around T4 – 8.  On the 2nd or 3rd lap with rain coming down, I unnecessarily over-slowed going into T4 and that allowed him to grow the distance back and I wasn’t able to challenge for the rest of the race.  I ended up in 2nd place and was running personal best laps at the end of the race, which was a good sign.

Click Here – Full Race – 2nd Place!

Check out the full race at the link above!

Check out the full race at the link above!

Overall, it was a good weekend of learning about the car, getting faster and as you can see from the video – using Track Attack!

Up Next

Race weekend #1 with NASA Northwest at Portland International Raceways with Chicane.  We’ll be running Time Trials on Saturday (TTD) and Race Group on Sunday (PTD).








This past weekend our Android users got a new update, release 1.1.3.  Here is what was new in the build:

1. NEW FEATURE – Record using the front camera

If your phone has a front-facing camera, you can now use that camera to record video, instead of your normal camera at the back of the phone.  When you get to the record screen, simply touch the “Camera toggle” button on the right side of the UI to switch between the front and rear facing cameras.

Track Attack App Front Facing Camera Feature

Why is that useful?  Two main reasons:

    1. If you’ve received training, you know a driving principle and speed secret is to look where you want to go!  Recording a session where you focus on where you are looking (through turns and as ahead as possible) can be invaluable to your development as a driver.  You can see on the data overlay where you are on the track and watch your eyes and head movements to see if you are consistently focusing on where you are going to be, not where you are right then and there.
    2. If you are a racer (actual wheel to wheel racing), doing a race where you record the rear view can be valuable to understand how other drivers are trying to set you up and how you can react or set them up stop them from overtaking.  Use the front-facing recording option to work on your race craft!
Using the front facing camera to evaluate how well you look where you want to go.

Using the front facing camera to evaluate how well you look where you want to go.

2. Upload video bug fixes and improvements

We made several improvements to the upload functionality to make it more stable and faster.  This is for when you connect to Wi-Fi and upload your videos to our servers so they can be stored, processed and sliced up per lap (if they are lap based) and then easily shared online.  We also fixed a few bugs we had noticed from users.

3. Streaming Video Fix

If you’ve uploaded your video to the site, you know how great it is to get large video files off of your phone and able to stream them directly from our site instantly to view anytime.  We fixed bugs that had shown up in our analytics so the streaming of videos from the site should be much improved for those who ran into bugs.

4. No advertising for paying customers

A few customers who had upgraded to Pro and Lap Timer versions of the app indicated they were still seeing advertisements in the app.  Those have been confirmed gone and if you buy Track Attack, you’ll never see ads again!

5. Improvements to the GPS Engine

We’re always trying to improve the GPS engine of the app to give the most accurate timings and data possible from the phone.  We made a handful of improvements that will improve performance of specific devices and we found other areas we’ll improve in the future.

How To: Drag and Top Speed Racing with Track Attack App

January 12, 2014

Track Attack is just for going around a track lap after lap? Think again.

With Track Attack, you can set up a straight line course for 1/4 mile, 1/8 mile, half mile or even air strip attacks.
Here’s how:

  1. Create your new track on the phone. You’re essentially creating a point-to-point track, similar to Auto-Cross, Rally Stages and Hill Climbs. Your new track will show up under User-Created section of the tracks when the app searches for nearby tracks.
  2. While pulled over, create a new “Drag Racing” session. Select your track and hit ‘Start’ when you’re ready. Recording has started and timing will reset after you cross the Start Line. This is great so you can focus on driving and works even better for rolling start races.
  3. Drive!
  4. Track Attack will stop a few seconds after you cross the finish line and flash the time for the race.

Here is a quick video on how to record a Drag Racing Session:

That’s it! You can immediately watch your race with data overlay. You can the upload the video and a few minutes later, you can share that session online for everyone to see.

You can upload when you connect to a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Once the video has been uploaded, you can share from the phone or your profile on – this is the above test video on

So, get out there and tear up the strip!

There’s different phones with different storage sizes and not all sessions are created equally.  So with Track Attack for iOS and Android, you have the option to record in three different video qualities.  As of this post (December 23, 2013), video quality settings are supported on iOS (iPhone) and Android versions of Track Attack, for the phones which support

Track Attack App GPS Lap Timer Android iOS Video Quality Settings

480p: Lowest video quality and will take up the smallest amount of storage on your device.  Generally, we’ve seen a 25 minute session take about 120MB’s of space (~10-12 song equivalent).  Think of this as standard TV definition.   Will look fine on your phone, ok on a web browser but not that great if you blow it up.

Track Attack App on Android - GPS lap timer and recorder on 480p video quality

Example Video:

720p: Think of this as DVD video quality.  Looks a lot better than standard definition and still doesn’t use a ton of storage on your device.  Expect a 25 minute session to take ~600MB’s on your phone.

Track Attack App recording in 720p

Example 720p Video:

1080p: Boom!  High definition, well technically, for phones that support video quality above 720p, we make this the highest video quality available on the particular phone.  In most phones, this video will look amazing and have you wondering why you did or ever wanted to buy a GoPro camera.

Track Attack v2 on Android at Portland International Raceways

Example 1080p Video:


Get Track Attack at the App Store for iOS  (iPhone and iPad):

Get Track Attack at the Google Play Store for Android:

Get Track Attack BETA for Windows Phone:

Track Attack App – GPS Lap Timer, HD Video Recorder and Instant Sharing