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Last week we pushed to production a big update for Android and though we published the update on Facebook and Twitter, we wanted to go into more detail here on what’s included.

1. New leaderboard view in the track profiles

This something we’ve been excited about, not just for the apps but for Track Attack overall.  Now, for each track profile, you will see the running leaderboard for each race track!  Now, you can know what a fast lap time for each track is and for now, you can also click into the session details to see more about that session but not the video itself or access the data, to respect privacy of the driver.

In the future, we will build out this functionality more across the other apps and the website.  You will be able to purposefully designate a session as public or private and be able to request access to the data for a given session.  This is how we’re going to use the power of data and the community of users to help each of us be better drivers!


Leaderboard for each race track!


2. New session recording screens

We’ve received feedback from users over time that they would like to see while driving on track.  By default we’ve had the running lap timer, flashing the new lap time as each lap is completed but some users have wanted the last lap time displayed until a new lap time is recorded, while others have wanted to see speed averages.  We’ll we take cared of it!

Default – running lap timer: We’ll continue to have running lap timer as the default data that is viewed for each session.

Static lap time: Now you have an option to see the last completed lap time, stay displayed until you complete an new lap.

Speed averages: Some of our longer rally stage users have asked us for a view of their session where the average speed is displayed and updated real time as they drive.  This new screen will show the average speed for the current lap, which is updated 1x per second and the value resets after each lap is completed and below that, the entire session average speed.

3 options for session record screen while you drive!

3 options for session record screen while you drive!

3. Manual video and data sync

Software is weird and as hard as we might try, sometimes the data and video layers are out of sync by a second or so.  On some tracks and some days it is perfectly fine and on other days/tracks, they are out of sync.  Well, now we let you manually fix these situations.  In each session, you’ll find a Video Sync button where you can move forward or backward the video position relative to the data layer.

Our recommendation is that you start with the first lap, find the best alignment and then the app will automatically adjust all remaining laps.

Manually sync any sessions where the video and data layers are out of sync.

Manually sync any sessions where the video and data layers are out of sync.

4. Bug fixes!

It’s on an ongoing battle.  We cleaned up a bunch of code and fixed all reported bugs and crashes over the past 3 months.