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We just hit ‘release’ on an update we’ve been working for the past couple of months.  It’s packed with a few awesome new features and a long list of performance enhancements and bug fixes.

New Features:
1. Export your data to .csv format!  Now you can export so you can analyze your data and create other videos – do whatever your hear pleases!  For each session (even those recorded prior to this release), simply go to your session summary and you’ll see a .CSV icon or an Export to .CSV option in the menus (depending on your screen size).  Press that button and then the file is generated and placed in your phone’s default ‘Documents’ folder,  in a special Track Attack folder.

This will work whether you recorded with your phones internal GPS radio (samples at 1x per second) or an external accessory (QSTARZ sampling at 5x and 10x per second), however we believe you’ll see the best data and have the most use with sampling at 5 and 10hz.


Look for the Export to CSV in the menu button if you don’t see the button automatically


See the CSV button at the bottom right, hit that!

2. Updated Session History: Now it’s easier to get to your favorite laps and sessions.  You’ll see new ‘heart’ icons in each session summary page where you can designate these sessions and laps.  Then you can view the session history through these lenses and even your top 5 fastest laps per race track.  It’s never been easier to view your awesomeness!


All Races – what you’re used to seeing from Session History


Your fastest 5 laps by race track!


Just your favorite sessions!

3. Delete sessions: Finally you can delete sessions from your phone and the server!  Simply go to your session history page and long press a session.  This will bring up a menu that will enable you to select more sessions and ultimately delete them.  Be care though because this permanently deletes these sessions and associated video from your phone and our servers.  With great power comes great responsibility!

Long press to bring up the delete options.

Long press to bring up the delete options.

4. Update to Facebook API 2.0 – lastly, we’ve updated the app to the latest Facebook api.  This was delayed a few days so some of you might have experienced crashes when trying to do anything related to Facebook but it is now fixed.  Creating an account and FB posts is 100% working.

Last but not least, we continued our battle against bugs by crushing as many bugs that came through the analytics as possible.

Let us know what you think about the release on our Facebook page, twitter, email and tell your friends about Track Attack!!

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