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It’s almost April and normally we’d be less than a month away from the first track day, or maybe already done a handful of test and tunes.  This year has been and will be a little different for good and not as good reasons.


Last September, I finally one an amateur league race at our local outdoor go-kart track, Pacific Grand Prix.  This meant that I got upgraded to the ProAm league, where the competition is faster and more consistent.  So that first week in October, I participated in my first ProAm race.

It was awesome but unfortunately, on the last race, an over zealous driver who was trying to make a last to first epic drive, on the first lap, took out a couple cars and they eventually collected me as I was exiting the turn.  I finished the race and initially the hit felt like not much but as the days wore on that following week, it was clear that something was not right.

Long story short, that hit plus my decision to train for a half marathon (and little to no strength training) has resulted in a 6 month recovery period.  It is now almost  April and I am about 75% back to normal.

Lessons learned?  Being fit, warming up, stretching, having the right safety equipment and being aware of your competition during a race, even in rental karts is paramount.  If you sometimes become that hasty driver when the competitive juices start flowing, show restraint.  Not only will you likely drive much better but you won’t put other people’s health in danger.

Off-season Rebuild

As some of my have seen on our Facebook page, the Track Attack PRO3 car has gone over an extensive makeover.  We’ll have a detailed blog post in a few weeks but the car is night and day different.  Because of the extensive amount of work and that it was done in Spokane, WA (close to 5 hours drive away), the car has been gone up until a couple weeks ago.  Super excited about the car, to share the details and more importantly, why each upgrade or change was made.

Season schedule

With a hiatus of NASA northwest in 2015, this year we’re focused on a more regional but super competitive racing schedule with ICSCC and in the PRO3 racing series.  This is a spec series for BMW E30’s, similar to Spec E30 which is popular across the US but a little faster.  We’ll be campaigning an almost full schedule, revolving around 14 races, across 10 race weekends.  You can find the full schedule here and each of the race results.

  • The Ridge Motorsports Park Test & Tune | Early May
  • Pacific Raceways | May 17, 2015 – Results
  • Portland International Raceway | June 7th – Results
  • Spokane County Raceway | June 19 – 21st – Results 1, 2 and 3
  • Pacific Raceways (SOVREN Historics) | July 3 – 5th
  • Pacific Raceways | August 2nd
  • Portland International Raceways | August 23rd
  • The Ridge Motorsports Park Test & Tune | Early September
  • The Ridge Motorsports Park | September 20th
  • Portland International Raceways 8 Hour Enduro| Mid-October
  • TBD – 25 Hour of Thunderhill | Early-December

We’ll also have between 2-4 test race days to break in the new components, coaching and testing any in-season upgrades.

We’re also trying to figure out how to get to Thunderhill, Sonoma and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca sometime this summer.

Excited to get the season started and hear and see all about how our users are getting out there on track!





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