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This past weekend, we released Track Attack 2.0 for Windows Phone.  Jumping to 2.0 is a big deal and something we’ve wanted to roll out for some time now.  While we have much more work to do, we’re excited about this release and getting the Windows Phone version of Track Attack on par with the iOS and Android versions.

Updated UI – Windows Phone Style

Every single screen has been revamped, updated and cleaned up.  Our goals was to make the UI as clean as possible while still retaining the fact that it is clearly, a Windows Phone app.


New, clean and modern!

New, clean and modern!

Track Attack Windows Phone Settingswp_ss_20140830_0003wp_ss_20140830_0004wp_ss_20140819_0001wp_ss_20140830_0008

Record Screen – Video On/Off Toggle

While the windows phone version of Track Attack has had the capability to turn off the video recording, users haven’t been able to simply hit the camera button again and turn it back on.  That’s changed!  :)  It’s a small thing but important.

Track Attack Record Screen

Fancy new toggle switch and use the front camera!


Record Video Using the Front Facing Camera

Also on the record screen, users now have the ability to switch their video camera used for recording from the rear facing camera (default) to the front-facing camera (if your phone is equipped with a front-facing camera).  This is important for a couple scenarios:

  1. Racers – in some race scenarios, you want to practice your ability to manage traffic or study other competitors who are trying to overtake you.  By using the front facing camera to record video instead of the standard rear-facing camera, you can keep a close eye on what’s going on behind you!
  2. All drivers – look where you want to go and look as far down the track as possible!  Those are some of the fundamental techniques preached by coaches far and wide.  Use the front facing camera and mount the phone in a position where you can study where you are looking.  Are you looking through the apex?  Are you keeping your eyes up?  Are your eyes moving across the track and through corners smoothly?  Now you don’t have to wonder and you’ll have the  lap times to figure out what impact changes in your techniques have had.


Bug fixes!

Each build we release, we collect anonymous user data to see how you all are using the app and really, to see when it breaks!  Each release we’ll include several bug fixes to make it perform faster and be more stable.  A lot of these fixes are for one-off situations and take really nerdy explanations, so unless it is one of our known issues, we won’t include much detail about it.

A few weeks ago our latest update to the iOS version of Track Attack was approved by the Apple App Store.  Here’s what is included on both versions of Track Attack (Original Paid and Lite with In-App Purchase):

1. 100% offline mode

Starting with this version of Track Attack, we are shipping Track Attack with the full track database included in the application.  This means you can download the app, lose data connection immediately and use Track Attack without any issues.  This works well for users who cross international borders or go to race tracks with no data connection.  A lot of times, they are lucky to get a hotspot to download the app but then have no other connection.

This also works for users who have data connection but want to make sure that an incoming call doesn’t disrupt their session so they take the SIM card out.

NOTE: Putting the phone in Airplane mode disables GPS completely.

2. Auto-start

This is one of our most requested features.  It is annoying to have to hit start right before heading on the track, so with Auto-Start, you simply set at which speed you want Track Attack to start lap detection/session timing and recording video and it will go from there.

Once you select the track you are driving, no more buttons to press.  Just hit the designated speed and it will start automatically.  Note, you still have to hit stop at the end of the session.

Set your auto-start threshold in Settings

Set your auto-start threshold in Settings

Auto-Start at pre-set speed threshold

Auto-Start at pre-set speed threshold


3. Average Speeds and Distance Traveled

You may have seen the fields for these values in lap-based sessions below and most of the time they had zero values but we got that fixed.  Now you will know the average speed and the distance you traveled in each session to help you dissect your performance and get faster!

Average Speed and Distances per Lap now displayed!

Average Speed and Distances per Lap now displayed!

4. Bug Fixes

There were a number of areas that we fixed based on feedback and crash logs.  You likely won’t see most of these but they will help the app run faster and smoother.


That’s it!  Make sure you have the update and tell your friends about Track Attack for iOS!