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Today our latest update to the Android version of Track Attack was released and should be hitting your phones over the next 24-48 hours.  Here’s what is included:

1. 100% offline mode

Over the past couple of months, we received feedback from users that sometimes they were at a race track and the tracks in the database would not show up in the results and thus, they couldn’t record their session.  That is a frustrating experience, especially considering how precious those few opportunities to get on track really are to each of us. There are two root causes to the issue:

Weak or no data connection

Many race tracks are in remote locations or in different countries so when Track Attack queries the server, sometimes no track results can be returned.

Cold starting the GPS system

All GPS systems, even the $1k+ motorsports solutions take at least a few seconds to get warmed up after they are initialized and find your location.  With Track Attack, we want the app to immediately tell you which tracks are nearby and sometimes are our query process goes too fast and the GPS systems haven’t had time to get going and lock in on enough satellites.

So we are doing a few things to help solve the issue:

Track Database ships with the app

Starting with this version of Track Attack, we are shipping Track Attack with the full track database of official tracks included in the application.  This means you can download the app, lose data connection immediately and use Track Attack without any issues.  Further, the button found in settings will now function as an update to the track database locally stored and bring along the user-created tracks.  You will notice that the first time you launch the app after the update, it will take a few seconds to set up the track database.

Track Attack Track Database

The track database now ships with the app & the Cache Tracks button now updates the DB and downloads the user-created tracks.

Improved Track Selection screen

We’ve also made some serious improvements to the Track Selection screen.  Now you can:

  1. View the most recent tracks you’ve driven
  2. View the Official and User-Created Tracks near your location
  3. VERY COOL – Search Tracks!  Now you can search the whole track database right from your phone to see what is available.  This is something people have asked for and we’ll continue to make improvements to the track database view.



With these new features and improvements, using Track Attack with no data connection and avoid GPS issues will be super easy!

NOTE: Putting the phone in Airplane mode disables GPS completely.

2. Support for External Memory Cards

Most Android smartphones have and support external memory cards but to date, Track Attack has only used the internal main memory.  With 1.1.7, Track Attack will now make use of an external SD card if it is detected.  In short, a portion Track Attack will always be in the main memory.  But now, it ill detect if there is an external SD card loaded and if there is a large portion of available memory, it will store session files there.  Now you can record HD videos all day and use up as much memory as your SD card can handle!

3. Improvements to Auto-Start

This is one of our most mentioned features but we had some inconsistent performance with auto-start starting prematurely.  We’ve made significant improvements and will continue working on it.  Auto-start is super important as we know, it is annoying to have to hit start right before heading on the track, so with Auto-Start, you simply set at which speed you want Track Attack to start lap detection/session timing and recording video and it will go from there.

Once you select the track you are driving, no more buttons to press.  Just hit the designated speed and it will start automatically.  Note, you still have to hit stop at the end of the session.

Set your auto-start threshold in Settings

Set your auto-start threshold in Settings

Reach the threshold speed to start recording and lap timing

Reach the threshold speed to start recording and lap timing

Check out all of these features and improvements being used in real time from our past weekend of racing:

4. Bug Fixes

There were a number of areas that we fixed based on feedback and crash logs.  You likely won’t see most of these but they will help the app run faster and smoother.

So go ahead and make sure you have the latest Track Attack build and tell you friends to get it on Google Play!


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