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We’ve been busy over the past couple months, finishing up features available via the Android beta version and getting as many of those as possible on the iPhone version.  We’re happy to report that v2 is now live!  Here are the top new features you can expect from v2:

New User Interface: We’ve moved from having a hierarchical system, where you start from one screen to a main menu navigation at the bottom of the app screen.  Here you can easily navigate between starting new sessions, reviewing your session history, upload status, profile information and settings.  We’ve also created landscape support for all the screens!

Key Screens v2

Session Types: While our roots are in road racing, where we have start/finish line and ideally do lap, after lap, after lap, we know there’s many other types of motorsports, where point to point is the name of the game.  So drag racers, rally drivers and auto-x’s, we got you covered!  We’re actively working to get as many drag race circuits and hill climb routes on the database as possible but the great thing is that each of you can create tracks on the fly and have everyone else use them immediately!

Lap Based Sessions: Road Course, Rally-Cross, Oval

  • This means the start line and finish line are at the same location.  Timing calculation is for each lap.

Point to Point Based Sessions: Rally Stage, Auto-X, Drag, Hill Climb and Drift

  • This means the start line location is different from the finish line location.  Timing calculation is from when the driver crosses the start line to when they cross the finish line.

Creating Point to Point Based Circuits: This applies to drag racing, rally stages, Auto-X, Hill Climb and Drifting.  Creating a track is pretty straight forward:

  1. Select the session type of racing you are running.
  2. Select the ‘Create Track’ button
  3. By default, the ‘Start’ pin is dropped at the center of your current location.  You can touch the pin and drag to where you want to establish the start line.  If you need to view the hybrid view of the map (aerial with streets), simply select the ‘layers’ button on the top right of the screen.
  4. Tap the ‘Add Finish Line’ button to drop the finish line.  Note, the finish line pin will be dropped in the current location of where you are, so if you deviated a bit from that location, it will move you back.
  5. After you’ve established the start and finish line, hit ‘NEXT’
  6. Provide the name of the circuit, track or stage and hit Finish.
  7. That’s it!  If you have a data connection, that track is saved on the database and is available to all users immediately.
Using Track Attack to create a point to point based track

An example on how to create an Auto-X course at my local Costco parking lot

We’re excited to have everyone try out V2, which incorporates a lot of what we’ve developed on the Android version and providing feedback so we can make it better.

Let us know what you think!

The Track Attack Team