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Track Attack Known Issues – iOS, Android and Windows Phone

April 6, 2013

This blog entry for now will be used to publish the known issues we have and status for getting them fixed.  Feel free to post comments on here to add new items or email us at

Track Attack on iOS: Updated 8/6/2014

Current Versions:  2.0.8 (Full Paid Version) 1.0.2 (Lite – enables free download and trial with in-app upgrade option)

Known Issues:

    1. Users who had 2.0.5 or older versions and upgraded to 2.0.6 may experience an issue where their session history is not showing in the history page.  This was reported by 2 users and 2.0.8 resolved the issue.  Note, if you recorded new sessions successfully but they did not show up in your history, they are not lost.  They are simply not showing in the UI.  The 2.0.8 update fixed this problem but contact us at if you are still having issues.


Track Attack on Android: Updated 8/6/2014

Current Versions:  1.1.7

Known Issues:

    1. Inconsistent lap detection when recording at 1080p and sampling at 10Hz using an external GPS accessory.  The issue is that the application is doing too many things at once and most phones, even with quad core processors cannot detect the lap times in real time.  Status:  Fix is being developed.  ETA:  August 29, 2014.  Note: Recording at 1080p with only the internal GPS sensor works 100%.  Recording at 1080p with 5Hz works 100%.  It is only recording at 1080p at 10Hz which is creating problems.
    2. For users who have purchased PRO, sometimes when internet connection is lost, the app believes the user is still in trial mode.  Status:  Fix is being developed.  ETA:  August 29, 2014.  Workaround: Make sure you have an internet connection, hard kill the application, launch the Google Play store (confirm it is connecting to the store) and then relaunch Track Attack.  Make sure you are signed into Track Attack as well and it should detect you are a PRO customer.  The combination that is needed is validation from the Google Play store as a PRO purchaser and logged in with your account on Track Attack.



Track Attack on Windows Phone: Updated 8/6/2014

Current Versions:  1.0.2

Known Issues:

    1. Website Processing Errors: HD video uploads are being corrupted during the upload process and causing web site processing errors.  This means that during the upload, at least one block is lost and thus is not a complete file for the server to process.  This can be caused by trying to upload a large video file on a weak or intermittent internet connection.  Ideally, users should connect to the strongest/fastest Wi-Fi connection available and use that to upload a video.  Status:  Fix is being developed.  ETA:  August 10, 2014.  Note: This will not impact any of the sessions on your phone.  Once the fix is released, users will have to re-upload their session videos.
    2. Fun Run Bug: Fun run currently has lap-detection logic built into the session type which means that for auto-crossers who do a Fun Run session, if they go over the same place twice, it will detect that as a lap and not play full session from beginning to end during replay.  Status:  Fix is being developed.  ETA:  August 10, 2014.  Workaround: None.  Once the fix is released, the sessions will play back correctly and future Fun Run recordings will not have any laps detected.